Love asteroids report

Take your understanding of your relationship to a whole new level

Astrologer iQ has astrologically researched over 1000 asteroids in birth charts and has created this unique relationship synastry report, exclusive to

The Love asteroids report includes asteroids identified as prominently featuring in romantic relationships. If you’re interested in knowing how this works, check out Asteroid astrology – how does it work?

This report is perfect for you if you’re looking to understand the dynamics of your relationship to a deeper level.

Description: This handwritten report includes looks at occult asteroids in the synastry between two people. This could include:

  • Valentine
  • Juno
  • Eros
  • Psyche
  • Karma
  • Amor
  • Lust
  • Aphrodite
  • Angel
  • Siva and 
  • Kaali

Want to know about a completely different set of asteroids in your synastry? No problem. Send us a request via our web form to enquire about a customised analysis.

Author: Astrologer iQ – Testimonials

☆BONUS ☆ You will have the chance to ask one post-purchase question relating to your report at no extra charge (worth £10 ).  Questions will be answered via email within 14 working days.

Price: £33

Delivery: PDF via email

Length: Approximately 1.5 pages to 2 pages max.

Timescale:  10-12 working days from ordering

Why order from All our reports are…

Handwritten – Not computer generated
Lovingly and carefully crafted by Astrologer IQ
Offer a personal touch– Ask one post-purchase question relating to your report at no extra charge.

IMPORTANT: This report requires that you provide an accurate full birth date, time (24 hours, i.e. 13:30 PM or 01:45 AM) and the location for yourself and your partner. If these details are not available or are estimated, the reading may not be accurate.

All reports are for entertainment purposes only. Results or accuracy cannot be guaranteed.  Please read our full disclaimer before purchasing a report.

Love asteroids report

Discover the meaning of 11 core asteroids in your relationship synastry.