Immediate transit check report

Knowing the impact of both personal and generational planets at regular intervals will be more rewarding for you than your 6 month scheduled visit to the dentist. Those who hesitate are lost and  those who know their present planetary transits is in a position of strength. Knowledge is power and to be informed is to be empowered.

Description: The immediate transit check will look at how the transits are influencing your life at the moment, shedding light on key themes and issues to look out for. Ideal for those looking for a great understanding of their situation and guidance on how to move forward with renewed clarity and focus.

Author: Astrologer IQ – Testimonials

Length: 1 page

Price: £21.00

Delivery: PDF via email

Timescale: Sent within 7 working days of ordering. May take up to two weeks during busy periods.

Important: This reading requires that you provide a full birth date, time (24 hours, i.e. 13:30 or 01:45) and location. If these are not available or estimated, the reading may not be accurate.

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