Finding the right career path report

Description: Discover your best career paths based on your birth chart. This report uses career asteroids as well. Your best options will be explained.

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Length: Approximately 1.5 pages

Author: Astrologer IQ – Testimonials

☆BONUS ☆ You will have the chance to ask two post-purchase questions relating to your report at no extra charge.  Questions will be answered via email within 7 working days.

Price: £32

Delivery: PDF via email

Timescale: Sent within 7 working days of ordering. May take up to two weeks during busy periods.

Important: This reading requires that you provide a full birth date, time (24 hours, i.e. 13:30 or 01:45) and location. If these are not available or estimated, the reading may not be accurate.

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