Brief meaning of 15 core asteroids report

Asteroids are like oriental spices that can enhance the flavour of any dish. It is our experience that standard astrological analysis with the planets and houses becomes repetitive over a period of time and fail to address specific concerns of a rapidly transforming populace. For instance, it is mind boggling to know the number of people who are recalling their past lifetimes. It is therefore helpful for John Smith to know that he has asteroid SPHINX or GIZA conjunct his Ascendant, and hence there is a strong chance that what he saw was an actual recall than a chance that he is going crazy.

It is also very helpful for Jill to know that her MUSA conjunct Mercury is going to make her write like a professional.  And Joe Americano can hit the weight room in his University with confidence when he knows that asteroid STRONG and FORTUNA are positively aspected to his Mars.

So many specific details can be known with asteroids. We have astrologically researched over a 1000 asteroids and have identified the following 15 to be most relevant: KARMA, KAALI, SIVA, VESTA, PALLAS, HYGIEA, FORTUNA, ANGEL, ISIS, NESSUS, NEMESIS, GIZA, EROS, ABUNDANTIA and MUSA.

Take your understanding of yourself to the next level with this unique report. And if you wish to know about a completely different set of 15 asteroids, please free to contact us at to find out about a customized analysis.

Description: This unique and insightful report includes a description of occult asteroids in the birth chart, including: Karma, Logos, Nessus, Juno, Valentine, Isis, Kaali, Siva, Aphrodite, Abundantia, Musa, Fortuna, Angel, Pallas and Tyche.

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