Astrologer iQ Testimonials

Total clients served: Over 500
Countries: 42

“I have been to a number of astrologers, tarot readers and psychics over the years. Some had waiting lists several months long. Many had price tags of several hundred dollars. I left each reading disappointed and discouraged. iQ’s readings were not only a fraction of the price that other, less skilled readers charge, but they were also enormously insightful in regards to the questions I had. iQ is incredibly knowledgeable about the occult aspects in astrology, and how they relate to the life and experiences of an individual. Many people who provide metaphysical services are ignorant of these concepts, erroneously believing that “all that exists is Love ‘n’ Light!” while denying that dark forces exist in our world as well. This attitude is a disservice to the many people seeking spiritual guidance after experiences of paranormal phenomena, occult ritual abuse, and similar happenings. iQ’s readings do not propose to tell you what to think; rather they provide the balanced insight necessary to empower the client to trust their own inner wisdom. Very highly recommended!”

“Thank you, ” Lisa P, New Jersey.

“You really have taught me so much in the last few days, inspired me to believe in myself more and start really practicing these callings my soul is sending me.” -Emily, USA

“You have been more than helpful, the world would be a better place if everyone gave as much info as you.”- Sarah, UK

“Many many thanks and blessings on you for these amazing words of wisdom!! Love in abundance!” -Sigmund, Ireland

“The things you mentioned sound very significant, and I’m glad you’re there to help me understand the implications of that.” -Klauss J, Germany

“Thank you for helping me down this hazy path of my unknown destiny. I have begun really sensing things before they happen in the last few days, and I know it is because you are helping me.” – Elizabeth, USA

” I cannot thank you enough. Now I know I can overcome depression” – Anthony Raj, Canada

“The advanced reading opened my eyes so much. You’re so right! Thank you!” – Masha, Serbia

“I know I am not out of my mind but I have a situation where only you could offer advice since I don’t know anyone who might be able to help.” – Darcy, USA

“Thank you again for helping  me out with the aspects,  I am very grateful  for your kindness and reading”- Chaya, UK

“When are you going write a book ???” – Sam Gordon, Australia

“iQ, you have struck a million nerves with your reading of just my True Node! More than half of my day dreams are about intergalactic travel and a re-connection to higher level galactic awareness” – Luka, Poland

“I have studied astrology in depth and I can say your knowledge and gift at interpreting charts on an esoteric level is truly invaluable.” – Karen, USA

“Thank you again for your insight. It validates everything I have been feeling, and at another level, what I now know to be true.” – Vanessa, Canada

“You’re a wonderful human being, iQ. Many, many, many thanks for your reading!” – Oxana, Russia

“Absolutely Incredible information!” – Jan, South Africa