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We’re excited to announce the launch of a selection of unique handwritten astrology reports created by talented and insightful Astrologer IQ.

Why choose an astrology report from

Our reports are..

Handwritten – Not computer generated
Unique –  Many reports feature fascinating insights into fully-researched Occult Asteroids
Lovingly and carefully crafted –  By Astrologer IQ
Personal – You will have the chance to ask two post-purchase questions relating to your report at no extra charge.


Best dates to invest report

The best 10-15 dates for you to make investments over the next 12-month period.

Best dates to invest report

Best wedding dates report

A one-page report with the best astrological dates to marry for the next 12-month period.

Best wedding dates

Brief meaning of 15 core asteroids report

Discover the meaning of asteroids KARMA, KAALI, SIVA, VESTA, PALLAS, HYGIEA, FORTUNA, ANGEL, ISIS, NESSUS, NEMESIS, GIZA, EROS, ABUNDANTIA and MUSA in your natal chart.

the meaning of asteroids in the natal chart

Finding the right career path

Discover your best career paths based on your unique natal birth chart.

Best career path report

Immediate transit check report

The immediate transit check will look at how the transits are influencing your life at the moment, shedding light on key themes and issues to look out for.

Immediate transit check report

Nurturing a child’s potential report

Discover the true potential of your child and how the planets can point in the direction of them achieving their potential.

Nuturing a child's potential repor

Single outer planet report

Discover the meaning of the outer planets: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in your birth chart.

Saturn in astrology