About Astrologer iQ

iQ has been a researcher of religions, mythology and occult theories for over two decades. Intermittent kundalini experiences enabled him to experience the validity of several occult disciplines and since then, he has been able to map clairvoyant experiences, including past life regression events using astrology, especially using asteroids named from occult themes.

He is no stranger to Vedic Jyotish and rigorously uses the Vimshottari Dasha system but prefers the Tropical Zodiac for helping people understand their evolutionary needs or their spiritual mission in this life.


Linda Goodman, Carl Payne Tobey, Dane Rudhyar and Robert Blaschke are his favourite astrologers.

He will never sugar coat his analysis, and is one of few astrologers to venture into the strangest areas of human experience; from soul mate love, family karmas, the utilisation of draconic charts and the astrology of New Age ‘Starseed’ phenomenon, to more controversial astrological studies of psychiatric cases such as BPD or NPD and psychopaths/sociopaths.

Research interests

His current research includes astrocartography, earthquakes linked to solar flares and the impact of large planets with asteroids on global movements.

His day job involves manufacturing, resource optimization, industrial outsourcing and real estate consultation for different industrial sectors.

Education and passions

He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and likes to motivate students from underprivileged sections using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), so that they become employable in the competitive corporate sector. More than 5000 students have benefited from his work.

A ‘helicopter’ father of Instagram savvy Generation Z kids,  he occasionally finds some time for Masters Athletics.

His work

Astrologer iQ has helped clients in 42 countries.

“You have been more than helpful, the world would be a better place if everyone gave as much info as you.”

Sarah, UK

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