Moon conjunctions: Expressing our soul’s yearnings 🌙

The placement of the Moon is an incredibly sensitive part of the birth chart. At the deepest level it reflects our emotional nature, our passions, our innermost desires and fears. It also represents the things that bring us the most pleasure and joy.

Where our Sun sign reflects what others see outwardly, the Moon shows our inward persona, the part of us that only those who are close to us may get a glimpse of. The Moon is linked to feminine and motherly energy, the need to nurture and grow ourselves and others.

In the natal chart, the Moon’s position and placement can show what really drives the native, what brings them a sense of feeling whole and nourished. Planets in a close conjunction to the Moon can increase the sensitivity of how the Moon’s energy is expressed or even repressed. In my experience of analysing birth charts, Moon conjunctions are highly significant placements, worthy of exploring further and digging deeper to understand.

Here are my interpretations of the Moon conjunction placements I’ve studied:

  • Moon conjunct Sun: The outer persona and inner worlds are beautifully aligned and integrated, and the native should ensure these qualities are reflected in their outer world. For example, if the native has a Capricorn Sun and Moon, the desire and expression will be of ambition; both to lead themselves towards inner growth and wisdom, whilst outwardly using this drive to lead and develop others.
  • Moon conjunct Venus: These natives vibrate pure Venusian love! They radiate warmth and the higher octaves of the Moon and Venus. They can be real romantics and enjoy giving and receiving beautiful expressions of love.
  • Moon conjunct Mercury: The native’s innermost feelings and outermost feelings and communication are in sync; they easily verbalise what they’re thinking. This is a person who speaks from the heart and with conviction. When they talk from the heart, people listen.
  • Moon conjunct Mars:  This placement make for a passionate formidable, and potentially combative individual if the Moon is in a fixed or fire sign. These energies, when well channelled, help the native to express themselves either very positively, or negatively depending on other aspects.
  • Moon conjunct Jupiter: A very positive placement with a tendency to excess and pleasure, as Jupiter brings the ‘Joie de vivre’ to the Moon. A need to be careful not to indulge!
  • Moon conjunct Saturn: A real dampener for expression of feeling, which may be a struggle. The native may come across as cold, however it’s likely they just feel restricted or repressed in the expression of their Moon sign, which is thwarted by Saturn’s cooler energies.
  • Moon conjunct Uranus: This placement can be challenge for the emotions, which can be prone to bouts of fluctuation, swinging from positive to negative. The native feels restless and craves stimulation. This placement increases the ability to take chances and gives a ‘leap of faith’ mentality.
  • Moon conjunct Neptune: Highly spiritual and likely having strong psychic abilities and possibly very powerful dreams. This native can be a visionary but can also be prone to self-deception, finding it hard to see things clearly and create boundaries with others.
  • Moon conjunct Pluto: This placement significantly amplifies the qualities of the Moon’. For example, heightened and intense emotions or destructive tendencies and possible anxiety and depression.
  • Moon conjunct Chiron: The native has innate understanding of the human psyche, with healing abilities born of the ability to integrate their wounds and help others. They may embody Chiron’s energies as the ‘wounded healer’.

In summary, studying the placement of planets and also asteroids to your natal Moon can help to give a greater understanding of what is working for and against helping you to integrate your soul’s true yearnings. Working to understand how both energies can be merged together and help you grow is truly transformational.

Do you have any Moon conjunctions to planets in your chart? How do you experience them?

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