Asteroid astrology – how does it work?

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Have you ever felt a sense of confusion at seeing the same descriptions for planets in signs by several astrologers and yet seeing these aspects have many twists in different people? Well, one sure shot way to focus on the subtleties of a natal chart is to look at specific asteroid placements. 

There are thousands and thousands of asteroids and Kuiper belt objects. How can they have a gravitational effect?  The truth is they don’t.  My studies over a number of years in this field show that asteroids in a natal chart work on the concept of ‘name frequency’. The name and meaning assigned to a name by the collective thinking of humanity causes the subtle effect in our personality. Woo Woo? Mumbo Jumbo? Well, one thing I learnt as an engineer is that if a nut fits, just bolt it. Prevents us from going nuts…

Now, here is a strange fact that confirmed my hypothesis. Norman Pogson was a top 19th century astronomer who had an asteroid named after him in the 20th century. Pogson discovered Asteroid ISIS on May 23 1856. 

The Asteroid Pogson was so significant in his chart when he discovered Isis, in fact Asteroid Pogson and Asteroid Isis were exactly 120 degrees apart (decades before the object was named Asteroid Pogson).

The 120 degrees angle is a trine aspect and is highly beneficial. Norman Pogson was born on a 23rd, died on a 23rd and discovered his first asteroid ISIS on a 23rd. On this day, the still to be named Asteroid Pogson was on 23 degrees of Scorpio! Can this be random chance?  Not as per the probability calculation of any trained mathematician.

Another thing about asteroids is that they will benefit you only after you earn some higher self awareness. For example, a Chinese electrician working in Canada has no use in knowing where his Asteroid GIZA or ISIS or ANUBIS is. However, if an accidental shock gets him a “past life awareness” of a life in Ancient Egypt, then all Egyptian tradition asteroids are a compulsory study for him to grow spiritually. He will then need to know about all aspects of ISIS, OSIRIS, HORUS, ANUBIS, SEKHMET, GIZA, SPHINX, IMHOTEP, NEPHTHYS etc. 

Likewise, Yoga/Tantra/Kundalini students find great use and wisdom from asteroids KARMA, KAALI, SIVA, SAMADHI, RUDRA and PARVATI.  Orthodox Hindus will grow from knowing about Asteroid VISHNU and GANESA.

Asteroid ACTOR will be very well aspected in the charts of successful actors. In Tom Hank’s chart, Asteroid Actor is trine Venus precisely, is conjunct Neptune and is on the second house cusp (indicating tons of cash through acting). Here are some further examples:

For people in search for true love, when they find their soul mate or ideal partner, Asteroids Valentine or Amor will be found very strongly aspected in each other’s chart. Asteroids Union, Juno, Eros and Psyche are not far behind in strength in the charts of Soul Mate couples.

Asteroid Karma is very strong during times when events seem “fated” and totally out of our grasp, until we focus on a stronger mind pattern. This asteroid can also help us know about people we are fated to meet, people with whom we have subtle karmic contracts or debts. Some who are children of destiny have a very powerful Asteroid Karma. India’s greatest music composer of all time, A. R. Rahman has Karma conjunct Saturn exact.

A person interested in magic from childhood will usually have Asteroid MERLIN making a positive aspect to the Sun, Moon or Ascendant.

A femme fatale who has a penchant for trapping rich men might have Venus in Scorpio conjunct Asteroid Circe.

Legendary artist of the rock band KISS, Gene Simmons, is alleged to have had sex with over 2000 women. He has Asteroid LUST conjunct his Ascendant. Another gentleman by name of William Jefferson Clinton also has LUST conjunct his Ascendant.

One of the greatest astrologers (in spite of being controlled by the Theosophists), Dane Rudhyar, had his Asteroid Angel conjunct Asteroid Karma in 29.5 Degrees of Aquarius. This degree in the Sabian code speaks of a brotherhood of higher consciousness. Dane was a master of these Sabian Symbols but even he did not know about the most important asteroid placement in his chart, as these asteroids were discovered well after he became an astrologer, proving their efficacy beyond doubt.

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