Top 5 friendship synastry clashes ⛔

The branch of astrology known as synastry, from the Greek word synastria, meaning favourable conjunction of the stars, is the study of relationship potential and compatibility. It can provide insight into whether your friendship has all the markings of a sweet match or whether you’re headed for, well, a pretty rough patch.

So whether you’re just getting started on the friendship path or are a few years in and still going strong, you may question – does it have the legs to last? Or will your flourishing friendship fade fast? In this article I have included my top 5 friendship synastry red flags ⚑

  1. Sun square Moon – Deep discord

It’s a glitch. Your inner and outer energies simply don’t mix. You may find yourselves regularly at loggerheads, or saying things which upset the other, but with no idea of how the drama ever unfolded. Fundamentally you are different people, with very different ways of expressing yourselves.

2. ⚐ Mercury square or opposition Mercury– I listen, but I don’t hear you

A definite red flag for friendships and relationships of any kind. You think so differently that it’s going to require a lot of give and take. Your friendship could be littered with misunderstandings.  This aspect is a sure sign that you’re not on the same wavelength when it comes to the way you express yourselves. Best not to expect too much, and be prepared for plenty of give and take.

3. ⚐ Mars square or opposite square Mars – Battle time

Your energies are likely to be at constant odds, making planning anything, well, an uphill battle. Different things irritate you both, and it’s highly likely you’ll annoy each other. Best not to expect to achieve a great deal as a duo, unless you have plenty of other positive aspects between your charts.  Be ready and willing to apply a hefty measure of give and take. Remember to pause before reacting.

4. ⚐ Sun square Mars – The irresistible force vs. the immovable object

If you enjoy a real spark, a mental challenge or a verbal sparring match, this friendship may not be a bad catch. But if arguments and disagreements don’t rank high on your friendship agenda, you may want to avoid this combo. There’s much patience needed to make this work, and it’s likely that the Sun person would be aggravated the most.

5. ⚐ Mercury square MarsCat meets dog

How you communicate and act are fundamentally at odds. Your energies simply don’t mix. Be mindful of your differences in opinions or else you could find yourself easily offended by each other. This aspect could quickly escalate into arguments and resentments.

The key to mitigating any of these aspects, should they occur, is to understand your differences and allow them teach you new things. Always practice compassion and patience, this means listening more than talking. Any sign in opposition or square to your natal planets is a stressful aspect, but we learn and grow through differences and challenges and viewing the world through another’s lens.


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