Top 8 friendship synastry aspects 👭

The branch of astrology known as synastry, from the Greek word synastria, meaning favourable conjunction of the stars, is the study of relationship potential and compatibility. It can provide insight into whether your friendship has all the markings of a sweet match or whether you’re headed for, well, a pretty rough patch.

So whether you’re just getting started on the friendship path or are 20 years in and still going strong, you may question – does it have the legs to last? Or will your flourishing friendship fade super fast?

In this article I have included my top 5 friendship synastry gold stars and I’ve teamed up with insightful astrologer and asteroid researcher, Astrologer IQ, for his top 3 asteroid friendship synastry gold stars. The following eight beautiful synastry aspects will certainly gift your friendship with a blessing from the stars…

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  1. 🌟 Sun conjunct Ascendant – I know you.

This is the perfect match for mutual understanding of each other. You’re on the same wavelength. You support each other and can relate without the need for words. Chances are, you’ll feel like you’ve known each other a mighty long time, even if you’ve only just met. This is one of the best friendship synastry aspects for sure. Hold on to this friend.

  1. 🌟 Mercury conjunct, sextile or trine Mercury – We think as one.

Mercury rules communication and how you prefer to communicate with others. With Mercury in harmony, you tend to think on the same wavelength. Conversation flows  naturally and harmoniously. Misunderstandings are few and far between and excellent comradeship is pretty common.

  1. 🌟 Moon conjunct, sextile or trine Moon– I feel you.

This friend just gets you. They understand what makes you happy and what makes you sad. They can hear your heart in ways others don’t, feel your hurts and share your highs. You’re on the same wavelength emotionally, and this sure feels good.

  1. 🌟 Venus conjunct Jupiter – Sweetness and joy

With a positively aspected Venus and Jupiter, you’ll bring sweetness and luck to each others’ lives. Providing there are no major disharmonious aspects, this is a super aspect for friendships.

  1. 🌟 Jupiter conjunct, sextile or trine MarsLet’s make things happen.

If you’re wanting to achieve things together; be it fun adventures, study or travel, the link of Jupiter and Mars blesses your friendship with the energy to achieve big. If conjunct, time to set your mutual sights high!


1. 🌟Asteroid Vesta sextile, trine or conjunct Vesta – True dedication.

If you are the type who cares about dedication in friendship, then this is one of the best aspects to have, as this triggers a feeling that both of you must be dedicated to one another and try to put the other’s needs ahead of your own during important moments for one another.

2. 🌟 Asteroid Psyche or Alma sextile, trine or conjunct Psyche or Alma – Soul sister or brother.

This is an aspect that helps create an inner “soul” level understanding of one another and due to this deep level of understanding strengthens the bonds of friendship.

3. 🌟Asteroid Fortuna or Tyche sextile, trine or conjunct your Vina’s Fortuna or Tyche – Lady luck.

This aspect represents the good luck that arises from a strong friendship. This is the kind of aspect that helps two friends open a small business together and take it to dizzying heights. The very presence of a friend with such an aspect can bring good fortune.

If you have any of these gold stars with your friend (the more the merrier), the chances are that you’ve found a fantastic friendship match. But watch this space – my next blog will feature red flag friendship synastry aspects.


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