Summer 2018 friendship forecast

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Happy Solar Return, dear Cancer! The Sun has made its yearly visit to your sign and it’s your time to shine. On the 21 June, the Sun made its yearly move into Cancer. The Sun in your sign and Jupiter in your fifth house of pleasure highlights this is a time that this is a time for fun to be had! Friendship grows naturally and there’s fun to be had. Perhaps your new friends are particularly youthful or bring a childlike spirit and playfulness back into your life. And why not? Time to laugh and smile and let your hair down. Why not invite your friends over and get creative together? Painting or even a spot of your first love, food? Or both. What about that recipe you’ve been wanting to try? Invite your friends  over, indulge and enjoy!

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

On the 22 July the Sun makes its annual return your sign again and June marked the last part of your last 12-month cycle, so it’s likely that you’ll be in the process of tying a few things up in prep (study, jobs etc) for coming solar return year, arriving on your birthday. Mercury is in your sign until late July, so you’re feeling more gregarious and chatty than usual – make the most of this and use it as a time to get to know others; be it over long drinks on balmy summer nights, coffee shop chats with friends or joining clubs with people with similar interests. You’ll have your friends spellbound with your words! With Mars in your opposite sign until mid-August, just be extra careful that you don’t say the wrong things and upset a few close friends or if you’re feeling especially annoyed by someone, find an outlet to expend the anger, such as going for a jog.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

Venus makes its annual move into your sign on the 11th July and will remain there until the 6th of August, meaning that it’s a great time to show those friends of yours how much you mean to them. As the sign of service to others, why not surprise your friends with something thoughtful? Or offer to help them with their project or something you know has been weighing heavy on them? The favour will be returned. With Venus highlighting your 11th house of dreams and aspirations, friendships are easily made in groups, clubs or organisations. Even through professional networking events. Make sure you sign up to everything that inspires you – there will be friends who can offer your fascinating perspectives and perhaps opportunities you’d never imagined. What a bonus!

Libra (Sept 23- October 22)

Venus moves into your sign on the 7th August, making you extra magnetic at this time. This the perfect time to get together with those friends that mean the most to you. As a Venus ruled sign, this is a great time to enjoy life’s luxuries together – why not book yourself a pampering session for two, a delicious meal for two with a lavish bottle of vino, or a non-alcoholic mocktail. Or if you’ve both got a particularly sweet tooth, how about a chocolate tasting session or chocolate making class? Indulgence is your friendship theme for the summer. Just make sure you’re focused on the finer things; food, drink and good company. Or why not get that luxury shopping trip booked and splash some hard-earned cash? Chances are you’ll find that perfect handbag or pair of shoes that you adore, and ones which will last a while…

Scorpio (October 23 – Nov 21)

The planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter, is in your sign until autumn, bringing you luck and ensuring you’re in the right place at the right time. So now is the perfect time to spend time getting to know your friends and sharing some of your success.  The Sun is also highlighting your ninth house of travel, foreign lands and study, perhaps it’s time to start learning something new? New friendships could be made over a shared passion or hobby. Or how about learning a new language? This could be a fantastic way to find some new friends and ignite a passion for a new country and culture.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

The focus is on matters of the eighth house this month. There may money issues to attend to or power and status to contend with at work. Or perhaps you’re looking at making new investments.  Either way, you’re busy with communications, research and reading. Be sure to take a break from attending to these areas. How about you organise a night out with your favourite friends, or a trip to a comedy show? Make it something light-hearted to lift your spirits, you need a break and it’s important to recharge your batteries. Or perhaps you’ve had so much on that you’ve not got a holiday planned yet – how about a long weekend away with your friends to the coast? Late July and August are great times for you to take a break – travel is highlighted as is making new friends in foreign climes.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

The Sun is now in your seventh house of relationships, nurturing and security. Is there a potential to form a partnership with your significant other? Or could you team up with a close friend to work on an exciting new venture? If your new enterprise will play on your strengths and bring out the best of your relationship – give it a go! New connections and friends that you meet now are great for longevity. Mars is in your second house of material possessions, money and gains, so make the most of this transit and your relationships. Your significant other and friends could be a reliable source of support in carving out your success. And with Saturn transiting Capricorn, your hard work will pay off, slowly but surely. Be sure to celebrate any successes, however small, with your loved ones.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Mars is in your sign until August 12th, making July a wonderful time to make things happen that you’ve had on your bucket list. Or perhaps you’re feeling re-energised about a hobby. Time to reinvigorate! This is an exciting time to meet like-minded friends to get all philanthropic. Why not volunteer for a local charity or plan some fun fundraising for your favourite not for profits. You may have a futuristic idea which has potential to develop; bounce ideas around with your friends and work on that plan!  The emphasis is on finances too, so you’re likely to be very successful if looking to raise funds. And if you share the fun with your friends, the sky’s the limit!

Pisces (Feb 19 – March 20)

The Sun moves into your fifth house of creativity in July, staying until the 22nd when the focus moves to work and health matters. A wonderful time to get together with like-minded friends and try something new. Children can be a major source of inspiration and fun at this time, if not your own, then perhaps your friend’s or nephews and nieces. If you and your friends have kids, how about a family day? Music, dance, arts are well starred will all bring immense pleasure and enrichment. Around the 3-9th July, the transiting Sun is creating a grand water trine with Jupiter and making a harmonious aspect to your sign, making this a fun time to expand your horizons when it comes to meeting new friends, as you’re feeling optimistic and contented.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

The Sun is in your fourth house during July, moving into your fifth in late July and August. The emphasis is on your home and family. Spending time with family and loved ones may be most important at this time. Perhaps you’re going on a family holiday or the kids have returned from university for the summer, either way, time spent with family is important. Fun with friends comes more into focus with the move into your fifth house at the end of July. This is when your time of creativity and fun starts. Venus moves into Libra on 6 August, meaning there’s a focus on quality time with your significant other. If single, there’s the possibility of a new relationship. 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Things may have started to feel a little bit unpredictable or unsettled with the move of Uranus into your sign for the first time since 1942, and he’s there until April 2026.  With his visit being such a long one, this is a time to embrace any changes he brings which promise excitement and better things for you. The focus in July is on third house matters, so you’ll be busy with communications; incoming messages, calls and emails. Perhaps you’re making plans with a sibling. If you’re looking to meet like-minded friends, try your hand at writing, editing or even speaking publicly… you’re likely to attract people who want to get to know you better and share experiences which further enrich your life.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

July’s focus is on second house matters, including your daily routines, values, job and work ethics. You are looking to find more work/life balance, but this could be a challenge if things are busy. You’re reassessing all that is of value to you. Friends play a significant role in July, share your thoughts with them and ask for their perspective. Throughout July and August Mars is in your 9th house, highlighting expansion of some kind, be this literal or metaphoric. You may be travelling for work or pleasure. Look out for friends who share your passions and interests. For most of the summer Venus is in your fourth house of home and family. It’s time for a retreat. How about a yoga weekend with a friend? Or if money’s tight, a quiet night with your friend, vino, pizza and a rom-com?



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