The dark side of Neptune

The great American astrologer, Carl Payne Tobey, discovered that Neptune afflictions, including heavy Pisces or heavy 6th house planets in the astrological natal chart were highly prevalent in pathological cases.  In fact, he found out significant increase of afflicted Mars and Pluto along with Neptune afflictions in the charts of convicted criminals. In the 21st century, astrologers including myself credit Neptune for spiritual growth, psychic/clairvoyant gifts and the ability to tap into the collective unconscious. 20th century astrologers discovered Neptune’s connection to acting, glamour and illusions.

However, sufficient research has not been done into the role of Neptune in creating the mental illness that is the root cause behind every crime. In this article, I hope to explain some Neptune afflictions and how they manifest when exact or during difficult planetary transits.

There are nine general categories of pathological mental conditions:

1. Belief that one is suffering from injustice and a need to punish society, or even an individual, for the perceived injustice.

2. Belief in cooked up data, belief in one’s own lies while selling something and a total lack of empathy. When the motives are selfish, the diagnosis is sociopathy and it becomes psychopathy when the person is ready to kill due to personal delusions.

3. Belief that one is in love, chasing the perceived loved one and choosing to kill or commit suicide for failure to succeed in winning the hand of the perceived love one.

4. Psychological disruptions: hearing voices in the head, imaginary friends, escapism in a fantasy world.

5. Depression from not fitting in with society, depression from society’s hypocrisy and depression because of emotional abuse.

6. Imagining situations that did not occur, making false promises, and when not fulfilling them, creating new, more exciting false promises to continue a swindle.

7. Making false accusations which are mere projections of the accuser’s mental condition.

8. Excessive suspicion, obsessive compulsive fears, fear of honesty and objectivity, paranoid imagination that everyone else is trying to hurt you and denial when confronted with the truth.

9. Megalomania and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

I am sure professional psychologists will give more clarity and details but the above are sufficient to understand the way Neptune afflictions manifest. To add to Tobey’s 6th house research, I have found that the opposite 12th house can be just as problematic. The 6th house deals more with subconsciously “felt” crisis and the 12th house deals with conflict from mental confinement. Neptune afflictions here are not good news.

This is the pattern of negative Neptunian urges:  Subconscious “voice” from a hidden fear manipulated by society’s mental illness which is conditioned by a need for society to survive as it is without accepting a change/transformation [positive Pluto] in the favor of truth [positive Jupiter] discovered by innovators and honest discoverers [positive Uranus]. When a psychiatrist can use astrology and identify this hidden fear, the patient can be treated before he or she damages self or others even more.

Moving on to the corollary of my research, a vast majority of people born with 3 or more planets in the 12th House are suicidal, especially if Neptune conjuncts or squares a retrograde Mercury in the 12th. Neptune creates a subconscious urge to escape his or her mental confinement due to social pressure, and he or she believes in the reasoning that death is the only way out. Clinical depression is very common in such people, and when they have Mars square Moon or a Gemini Moon, they will almost always exhibit bipolar disorder.

Men with Sun or Mars conjunct Neptune in 12th house have a strong probability of resorting to any number of lies to get what they want, and will even manipulate the memories of their victims while pretending to be very good people to the victim’s friends and family. Ladies, this data is from the stories of real clients.

People with Neptune square Saturn aspect exact are highly susceptible to clinically diagnosable mental illness like neurosis, phobias etc. There is no scientific belief in the astral plane but those with such aspects can easily pick up on negative astral vibrations and slowly become mental patients. They are prone to losing friends and becoming reclusive. If they have friends, the friends are likely to be those with Piscean Moons or 6th house Moons. Such friends lose so much energy in catering to the sympathy needs, that they too can become clinically depressed. It is a vicious cycle of ‘sadness memes’, leeching positive energy from the involved people.

Those with Neptune opposing Saturn also suffer from irrational fears, subconscious anger or fear of the establishment but they are capable of knowing what is going wrong. However, they too suffer fully-fledged schizophrenia during a harsh transit of say Neptune square Neptune or Saturn transit entering the 6th house whilst squaring Mercury or Mars or Sun.

When Neptune squares, opposes or conjuncts Venus, then all kinds of romantic deceptions and swindles take place. The ‘single’ man promising true love but who sneaks home to his wife and kids after enjoying a one night stand is likely to have Neptune conjunct Venus/Venus in Pisces 6th House or Neptune square Mercury [liar aspect], and the lady who got sexually used is likely to have had her Venus squared by his Neptune

Mr Tobey explains the story of a judge who had Neptune conjunct Saturn in Pisces. The judge hated those in society who looted the public, but he could not charge them as he feared their power. Then, there was a long Mars transit in Pisces, and the judge snapped. He borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from these bigwigs and blew it all while gambling. His subconscious mind could not rest unless it felt it had punished the wicked!

Those who have excessive Leo or first house planets and have serious Neptune afflictions along with this, are susceptible to Megalomania and NPD. This is because they subconsciously believe every positive “lie” about their “greatness”.

Those who suffer from Neptune square Sun or Moon can become serious emotional “vampires” if they do not discover this illness. They make excellent confidence tricksters [even the ones with Neptune conjunct Ascendant who fall for their own delusions] by creating some kind of emotional fear. “If you do not buy this stock, you will lose the chance to get 800% returns, you may never pay your debts” etc etc. The stock will tank 800%, but the Neptune square Sun or Moon person is well on his way to the next financial scam.

Dear friends, always check the natal chart of those who ask for large sums of your money, while promising you dreams. As a financial expert, I can assure you that any scheme promising with full assurances more than 20% per annum compounded is a scam. Those who claim they have received 200% gains etc in such sales promotions are often people with afflicted Neptune in their charts.

The notorious pirate Bartholmeo has Neptune square Sun exact. Neptune conjunct Mars can create the conditions that urge serious substance abuse along with alcoholism.  Sun conjunct Mars in 6th House Pisces can create tendencies to prefer only illicit sex or even succumb to nymphomania or satyromania.

A Pisces Ascendant and 12th House Moon along with a Neptune conjunction or square to Sun can be very weird. This is a combination that can blur reality seriously and create the paranoias such as alien abduction or being a messenger of ET Civilizations. I am not saying that alien abductions are false nor that there truly are gifted people who are able to access alternate dimensions/ETs, but when the charts are heavily Neptune afflicted, the chances are far higher that it is all happening inside their head.

Neptune afflictions have been found in serous psychopathic crime as well. The evil Charles Sobhraj of India was as brilliant as he was psychopathic. He murdered foreign vacationers in Goa. To escape the noose he bribed prison guards and got himself caught by French police in the country of Nepal because he knew there is no death penalty in France. Sobhraj has Neptune square Mars in his chart. Jim Jones, founder of a suicide cult in the 1970s had Neptune inconjunct Moon along with Neptune trine Mercury. Marshall Applewhite, founder of the Heaven’s Gate suicide cult was born 4 days after Jim Jones, and he had Neptune square Moon to go with the Neptune trine Mercury.

Research into Neptune afflictions may also help in knowing more about dissociative personality disorders [Sun in 12th House of Pisces?] and even mind control/hypnotic programming. Only a seriously mentally ill person would like to brainwash a victim for personal gain.

Thus, it is important to know your Neptune for not just the good it represents but also for any stressful aspect it makes, for the stress from Neptune manifests sneakily, during harsh transits. It can create psychological difficulties and irrational fears that prevent you from realizing your fullest potential. And do know that even the chart with the most afflicted Neptune can surpass the afflictions once he or she is aware of them.

Blog by talented and insightful Astrologer IQ. If you’d like to explore Neptune’s placement in your birth chart, order a Single Outer Planet reading.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Katie Ben says:

    My sister has Neptune square Saturn in her natal chart and moon square Uranus. She is manic and she completely refuses the idea that is she is mentally ill. Is she doomed for life? This has been going on for over 10 years.

  2. iQ says:

    Dear Katie,
    No Soul is doomed for life, however, she needs help but the Neptune affliction creates the illusion of “All is Well” to sustain her denial. Her well wishers including you can help by taking her through a gentle discovery process wherein she herself opens up to the possibility of seeking counseling. This can be done by asking her questions about what she feels is normalcy, whether she is sure she is always that way etc. Positive words like “performance improvement” should be used than words like therapy for now.
    Sometimes a good Jupiter Transit will quickly help in the discovery process.

  3. AV says:

    I liked this article. Never expect to find out something like this on the web. So far, this is the most serious neptune analysis the people can read even though is short. Not even the Liz Greene book approach is as good as this artilce. However, you are missing a lot about the dark light side of neptune when kiron is involved in a healing process. True guidance and help from the other side can be obtained, and yes, messy and confused info travles “on the net” of the supposed subconcious (it doesn´t exists) where many pathological influences are highlighted. You are quite anonymous so I´ll remain the same though. Neptune on the “positive” side is the Universal Love and the heart (soul container) is the path to experience it and not without a lot of pain and disturbance Passing from the alpha, beta to gamma lenghtwaves is not easy, this is why there are many crazy people with Neptune and Uranus both the personal planets, specially the luminaries.

  4. iQ says:

    I agree with you totally. Positive aspects from Chiron and even Pluto help harness the Neptune Challenges as both healing and as further steps in Transformation.
    When Neptune Energy ceases to confuse, we can focus the Energy of Unconditional Love/Empathy like a Laser and create huge amount of good in this World for Humanity.

    1. AV says:

      I´ll give you a hint. God himself can come to earth and watch what the earth is about through a human heart. does it sound weird? No, if the ancient science of sound is understood. Only with the foot on the ground and the head up to the sky Neptune can be elucidated. Otherwise, there is no other meaning and purpose for neptune on earth. Poor of the people who suffer of a neptune´s pathology. Take care.

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