Initiating healing through Saturn’s opposite sign

Humanity is a species imprisoned in a multidimensional prison, programmed to accept only a physical reality, and programmed to give power away to external entities if one accepts in higher dimensions.  The law of karma, cause and effect, sustains this prison.

The law works across dimensions but subtly varies across dimensions. Thus, any entity in a higher 4th Dimension can “manipulate” a human being by whispering thoughts of negativity, and make the ignorant person succumb to the karmic law resulting from negative action. Such an entity is already suffering millions of years of punishment by being locked in 4th Dimension without scope for higher evolution.

Why do we succumb to such manipulation? Why can’t we as a species rise above the programming and negative imagery fed to us? This is because we need to identify with our own divine spark or divine seed of consciousness, gifted by the eternal supreme being. We can do that if and only if we believe that we can be better, or higher or nobler than what Saturn, the planet of karma, will make us think of ourselves through his agents.

Who are Saturn’s agents? Each and every being who has not identified with his or her divine, immortal consciousness. It is our thoughts, our emotions and our Will that assists in creating the reality constructs around us. Saturn’s energy ‘crystallises’ divinely charged energy from human minds into physical matter.

We use Saturn, and thus, Saturn can use us, by the law of karma. We think negatively about us, and Saturn will invite negative events to support our thoughts. We lose motivation, and act negatively, and voila, Saturn can trap us into one more incarnation. It is a contract that every soul has made, to play this “prison escape” game. Know that Saturn’s own freedom is tied to our freedom. He is doing his contracted duty.

It is our duty to overcome the chains of physical reality [as indicated by DNA chains in our body] and vibrate to a higher realm from this physical reality. If you leave a prison cell, you cannot say you will leave your arms or feet behind. Same way, our physical body also has our will and consciousness. We have to create freedom for each and every DNA chain, and our mind and our soul, all together. One for all and all for one.

The key to true freedom is thus to completely overcome all that is Saturn. And astrologically, we will gain if we examine the opposite degree of our Saturn’s position in the natal chart. When we become the opposite of our Saturn, we will attract the wisdom, knowledge,  inspiration and motivation to become truly free. To attain a spiritual state wherein one can take full control of existence after death, to travel to any realm and incarnate as it pleases, without afflicted DNA and with full, memory recalls of all existences.

By the law of karma, the moment you think the opposite of Saturn, the Saturn energy dissolves and paves the way for your Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transformational energies to free your soul.

Learned people have advised us to “do our Saturn”. Yes, that also helps but it is a slow process. Is it easier to remove acid using a spoon or better to neutralize the acid with alkali, and then throw out the salt using a shovel? Thus, when we “do” our Saturn after we change our thinking to the opposite sign, then success will be rapid in all spheres of life. This is like a double attack on the chains of bondage.

I will explain briefly this recipe for initiating freedom for all 12 Saturn positions. If you don’t know which sign your Saturn is placed in, this calculator will help.

Saturn in Aries: Opposite is Libra

Cooperate, and learn to love another as much as you love yourself. Sacrifice some time and some mind space daily, gaze at beauty of others and of that made by others without thinking that you could have done it better. This change in thinking will lead to your divine initiation and spiritual freedom.

Saturn in Taurus: Opposite is Scorpio

Learn to share possessions, give up thinking of ownership as the only security. Treasure intangible wealth like friendship and spouse’s love. Share with pleasure. And share pleasure, go full blast in sexually pleasing your partner than focusing on your own climax. This change in thinking (and actions) will lead to your divine initiation and spiritual freedom.

Saturn in Gemini: Opposite is Sagittarius

Gorging voraciously over tons of data is also a karmic act of imprisonment. You will fill your head with information but not have energy to distil it, nor accept new information. Zen masters insist on the power of emptiness and still minds to allow divine inspiration but burden of gathering trivia or talking and changing focus is a huge stress. Stop to think before reading more. Speak out the conclusion of data than priding over facts, communicate concepts that are far reaching and imbibe the fearlessness of a Sagittarius. This change in thinking will lead to your divine initiation and spiritual freedom.

Saturn in Cancer: Opposite in Capricorn

Trapped by fears of security, family compulsions and fear of the unknown, Saturn in Cancer must choose to think in terms of formal goals, proper structures and aim for the fearlessness that comes with professional conduct. Never compromise goals for the sake of family, for their growth comes with your rise, not with your sacrifice of a professional goal just so that you cannot bear the guilt. Kill the guilt and value your self. This does not mean abandoning the family, but of defining and knowing the right boundaries and sticking to them, just like how Saturn himself sets boundaries in this reality.

Saturn in Leo: Opposite is Aquarius

The generation that is virtually robbed of fame and flashy success by its karmic debts. We must strive for out and out Humanitarian thinking. Become “water bearers” and bear good news, good tidings and celebrate happy events of life than sharing only gloom and doom. We must learn to accept great ideas of others in a humble manner, and forgive any personal pricks and taunts. Dissolving grudges, sincere forgiveness and being as friendly as possible to the worst critic, this will liberate this generation the fastest.

Saturn in Virgo: Opposite is Pisces

Know that not all psychics are deluded. Neglect astrology at your own peril. Know that spirit exists and our soul is verily immortal. denial of spirituality is a guaranteed imprisonment for many more incarnations. Yes, be sceptical of claims but why deny mathematical impossibility of divine cosmic design? Why deny attempts at feeling spiritual sensations just because Dawkins and Sagan say otherwise? The great Robert Anton Wilson showed what kind of a liar Carl Sagan was. Why do you trust such liars and debase your immortal consciousness? Look at the big galactic picture, the swirling galaxies and the matching swirl of electrons in the atom. Pay close attention to the detail of the big picture, and you will have received the proof of your own immortal essence.

Saturn in Libra: Opposite is Aries

You can never grow if you always choose to think of others, think of what others think and hope for a team or partner for any activity. Take that step to go alone and pioneer in something. Try to set a personal goal and achieve it without having to share with all the details. It is in your best interest to be intelligently aggressive about your personal rights and needs. Fairness and balance cannot be expected all the time, do learn to accept that sometimes there has to be a first among equals. This change in thinking (and actions) will lead to your divine initiation and spiritual freedom.

Saturn in Scorpio: Opposite is Taurus

You do not have to give sex, extra money or extra effort just because others do not understand your comfort zones. Do not imprison yourself through sex or sexual desire. It is perfectly ok to feel comfortable, enjoy creature comforts and be an owner of your own stuff. It is ok to dream of owning your own property, it is ok to relax in life than always worry about your performance. Do not worry about judgment of under-performance, most of the negative self talk is only in your head. Learn to be comfortable about being you.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Opposite is Gemini

Neglecting facts, silence and excessive specialisation will sap your life force. Read, read and read some more. Speak about what you read to as many friends as you can. Boredom is not a virtue, and it is ok to multitask. Sometimes, the fun is in the journey than in always finding out a core philosophy. It would be truly refreshing to master a musical instrument and play a variety of tunes with it. Variety is truly the spice of your life.

Saturn in Capricorn: Opposite is Cancer

Know that your family has positive feelings for you. Emotional detachment from parents or children is not some great virtue, you cannot be happy by building some huge empire whilst neglecting your family life. Structure is not everything, status is not everything. Try to feel the love of an infant, try to enjoy a good dose of humour and laughter. It is not ok to risk all your finances in business. Eat well and enjoy the beach every once in a while. To the guys, fight for your love, it is ok to man up for her.

Saturn in Aquarius: Opposite is Leo

It is not worth it to shy away from the camera for too long. If you have worked hard, there is no sin in attracting attention. It is legal and smart to have patents in your name. Roentgen died penniless because he did not patent x-rays and gave away that knowledge for free to humanity. Looking good and dressing well can definitely help. Strengthen your heart and spine [physically and philosophically]. People will actually appreciate your talks if you put some sizzle in them. This change in thinking (and actions) will lead to your divine initiation and spiritual freedom.

Saturn in Pisces: Opposite is Virgo

Do no waste your money on every psychic medium you find. There is something called cold reading, study it so that you do not fall prey to charlatans. Fear is a mind killer and 90% of ghost sightings or UFO sightings do have a rational explanation. Paying attention to the small print will help you immensely. You cannot become a glamor actor overnight so try to avoid fantasizing about a TV career or Hollywood breakthrough by chance. It needs hard work and consistent effort. Neglect of hard work will only lead to misery and exploitation. Effort is your best friend. Honesty is your second best friend. Adapt accordingly for being truly awakened.

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  1. Ángel David says:

    Wow, so breaking Saturn chains is the way?
    Absolutey love it this post, thank you!
    How is going your process?

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