Hair colour fading? 6 things to consider

If you’re looking to shine bright with a vibrant new hair colour this springtime, or if you’re simply keen to preserve your hue for a little longer, Natural and Organic Hairdresser, James Wood, explains the top 6 things to consider to prevent that chic shade from fading fast…

  1. Hard water: The elements present in hard water (specifically, calcium and magnesium) are extremely problematic when trying to ensure lasting hair colour results.
  2. Very hot water: When you wash their hair at home, you should only use lukewarm water. Scolding hot water will only cause hair colour to fade prematurely as it causes the outer layer of the hair to open up.
  3. Shampooing hair too soon after colouring: Wait at least 24 hours after after having your hair coloured before washing your hair.
  4. Using products that strip hair colour: The number one ingredient to avoid in your aftercare products is SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate). Using shampoo and conditioners that are pH balanced and free of plastics will help to enhance and extend the life of hair colour. Using products with too high a pH can cause the cuticle to re-open.  An open cuticle will ultimately cause your hair colour to fade fast. In addition, styling products that are loaded with plastics and petrochemicals can build up on the hair, causing hair to appear dull and lifeless.
  5. Using hot styling tools without heat protection:  If you use hot tools/straighteners, be sure to use thermal protection spray and straighteners with a heat control; this will protect the delicate hair against extreme heat and allow colour to stay in the hair longer.
  6. Ammonia: Hair colours which contain ammonia fade quickly because the level of pH is high and leaves the hair over porous. As a result, colour will “leak out”.

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