Fertility through herbs – A natural approach

Planning a family is an exciting and unifying stage in the process of fulfilling your life’s potential. It is a time when you become increasingly aware that having a baby is a gift of nature. It follows that a natural form of medicine would be a preferred path in assisting you throughout from preconception to postnatal care.

I have being consulting and treating couples with fertility problems for a number of years. It is a fact that conception has become quite a big issue nowadays. More couples are waiting until later in their life before trying for a baby as they want to establish their career and financial position. In many cases the time comes right around the age of 30+ years old, but according to statistics this is the time where chances of getting pregnant start to decline. In most couples if pregnancy is not achieved quickly enough, the attempt to conceive becomes a rather mechanical act; one lacking in passion and plagued by a repeating cycle of expectation and disappointment.

From my experience there are many things that can affect your ability to conceive successfully. Many of these may be temporary and they are not all medical.  It is good to remember fertility is a natural but most complex function of the body. It is multifactorial!

Interestingly, one of the most common causes of infertility is ‘unexplained’. It means there are no specific or identifiable problems at the root. In this case natural approach can be most beneficial. It’s no good and often misleading labelling infertility as ‘unexplained’. If after a fair try a couple fails to become pregnant, there is obviously something that is causing a problem.

To see the answer will require an alternative, holistic approach – one that involves looking at lifestyle factors, nutritional deficiencies and emotional elements alongside the individual make up of each partner.

If you were diagnosed with infertility it simply means that there is a problem that needs to be addressed, but not necessarily mean you will always be infertile. When a cause of your inability to conceive is unexplained, it will be more accurate to say that you are ‘subfertile’.  I believe if the right advice to improve your fertility is given and followed, chances are you can become pregnant naturally.

Fertility challenges can be looked at by the couples as an opportunity to engage in an active treatment plan to improve their overall health, rather than just a quest for reproduction. Overall health can be successfully improved with the use of herbs, nutrition, and dietary and lifestyle modifications. In this case you will not only increase your chance of natural conception, but will be more likely to have a healthy, complication-free pregnancy and a healthy child.

Herbal medicine uses the power of nature to restore, balance, optimize and improve your body’s functions to the state which had been originally intended.

Herbs used in my fertility treatment work on various levels. They nurture reproductive health as well as general wellness. Nutritional and lifestyle advice is an essential part of the treatment.

It is impossible, and would be wrong to advise on taking an herbal remedy over the counter to use as a treatment for infertility. Everyone is unique, and their treatment should be too.

To find out more about herbal treatments for fertility, please visit my webpage.

About the author

Natalia Williams is a fully qualified registered Medical Herbalist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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