How to banish your phobias

Do you suffer with a phobia that is preventing you from living the life that you dreamed of? If so, you are not alone. From a fear of spiders to fears of flying, phobias affect around one in ten of the general population. Real figures are likely to be higher, however, as many people keep their phobias secret, mainly out of fear of humiliation and embarrassment.

The good news is that phobias needn’t rule your life. Taking a positive step forward to address your fears is a great way to set yourself free to truly enjoy life, phobia-free. In this blog, I’ll explore some alternative treatments to help you banish your phobias for good.


Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) has shown great therapeutic promise in helping patients deal with their phobias. Neuro-linguistic programming is a system of analyzing and describing both verbal and nonverbal human behaviors in order to produce changes in behaviours; this includes beating phobias.  An excellent resource for more information on getting started with NLP is the NLP Academy.


Hypnotherapy and the act of hypnosis can help you to break free of phobias. Through relaxation and visualisation techniques, a qualified hypnotherapist takes you into a mental state like sleep to help you to come to a genuine understanding and acceptance of how the phobia/s you have were part of you, but are now no longer serving you as a human being.  Hypnosis can help us to see clearly and logically, face our fears and phobias head on; all whilst being in a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment. In the UK, visit the National Council for Hypnotherapy or worldwide, visit the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Past-life therapy

Past life therapy, is carried out through a past life regression session. During the session, a past life therapist, (the practitioner) will take you to a relaxed state of hypnosis and then help to guide you through past life memories.  Therapists believe that past life experiences can be affecting your present life, sometimes presenting as phobias.  During hypnosis, you will be made aware of issues in past incarnations which could be affecting your life, and after becoming aware of these issues, patients often find it easier to positively resolve their phobias.

Transactional analysis

Transactional analysis uses the ‘parent, adult, child’ theory and has therapeutic benefits for treating phobias; especially those which could have roots in childhood and our formative years.  Your TA therapist will work with you in a safe and nurturing manner to implement various therapeutic techniques, tools that will help you achieve your desired result. Learning Transactional Analysis theory and applying it in your day-to-day interactions and relationships is a positive tool to help you to take control of yourself and overcome your fears and phobias.


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