EMF – the invisible pollution

Could your hairdryer be affecting your health?

Some years ago I made a decision to make my working environment as safe as possible. The risks posed by potentially toxic chemicals were obvious, and so I set about replacing these chemicals where possible with safer alternatives.  A less obvious or a least visible threat to health is that posed by electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution and radiation. Potentially harmful electrical appliances are all around us, and this is especially so in a hairdressing salon. Increasingly, research shows that exposing ourselves to these frequencies can pose a serious risk to our health.

So how do we minimize this risk in the workplace and at home? For me it’s a question of finding a balance, which means accepting that wireless technologies and the likes are here to stay. So, I turn the wireless off when I’m not using it and have replaced some of the harmful high EMF emitting electrical appliances with safer alternatives. It is not widely known that the average hands free landline phone in the UK potentially poses a greater threat to our health than a mobile phone. In response to this, I replaced this with a Gigaset phone – which gives off less harmful emissions.

Hairdryers emit shockingly high levels of electromagnetic pollution and have been shown in research to pose a real threat to the health of hairdressers. I replaced the hair dryers in my salon with low EMF shielded dryers.  The reason that a normal hair dryer poses such a health risk is not simply the high levels of emissions but also because it is usually positioned at head or chest height for use.

Another simple way to reduce our exposure is to deselect the wireless option when we are carrying a mobile and hold it away from the head when making or receiving calls, as this is when a mobile gives of the most emissions and the further away from sensitive body areas the lower the effect on our health.

According to Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York it is likely that up to 30 per cent of all childhood cancers come from exposure to EMFs. Moreover, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns “There is reason for concern” and advises “prudent avoidance.”

Here is some interesting information on EMFs from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

About the author

James Wood has over 25 years’ hairdressing experience, including a partnership in two salons and teaching at hairdressing college, were he specialised in advanced cutting and colouring techniques. Taking a truly holistic approach to his work, James is also a qualified professional Homeopath and has studied nutrition and other complementary therapies.  To find out more about James’ work, please visit James Wood Organics.


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