5 ways to make your social life sparkle

Is your social life in need of a boost? Is life all work and no play? Would you like to meet more like-minded people? Keeping up with old friends and meeting new friends can be a challenge, especially given the increasingly hectic pace of modern life.  So I’ve put together a little alternative inspiration; some simple but easy to implement ideas to help add that sparkle back into your social life …

Colour therapy

Choose bright, uplifting colours to lift the energies and create an air of optimism and positivity around you. Select bright and uplifting tones of yellow, orange, peach and pink for decorations and accessories around the areas of the home where you’d like to encourage gatherings. Also choose to wear these colours to attract positive happenings and an air of creativity and warmth which magnetically attracts others towards you.

Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the Fame, Reputation and Social Life Area is located on the very centre of the back wall of the property you live in. This sector is ruled by the Fire element, which is symbolized by the sun, all hot blooded animals, and  represented by the colour red. If you can’t redecorate this area, try placing red coloured objects in and around this area, or including images of the kind of social life you’d like, and the kind of people you’d like to be socializing with.

Candle Magic

A simple candle magic spell can help to put you on the right path to improving your social life. Choose an orange coloured candle, to symbolize positivity and some pictures of the kind of situations that you’d like to be in, with the like-minded people you’d like to be around. Make a list of what you would like from your social life, and light the candle, whilst envisaging the situations you’d like to be in, and welcoming new experiences into your life.

Crystal healing

Red jasper, known as the ‘supreme nurturer’ helps to remind you that you can help to bring joy and substance to others. If you find you have little time for others, but you’d like to help out more, meditate and focus on our goals whilst holding red jasper. Carry your crystal with you when you are out and about at social gatherings, or events where like-minded people may be.

Angelic assistance

Ask for a little angelic assistance with your social life from Archangel Mihr. Archangel Mihr is known as the Angel of Relationships, he watches over all relationships including family, business, friends, and lovers. To find out more about Archangel Mihr, click here.



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