Brief Meaning of 15 Core Asteroids Report

Asteroid placements in natal charts Explore the meaning of key Asteroids in your natal chart with this unique and insightful report, exclusive to

We have astrologically researched over 1000 Asteroids and in this report we will explore the meanings of the 15 most relevant in your own birth chart: KARMA, KAALI, SIVA,VESTA, PALLAS, HYGIEA, FORTUNA, ANGEL, ISIS, NESSUS, NEMESIS, GIZA, EROS, ABUNDANTIA and MUSA.

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Edition: 1 2013

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Brief Meaning of 15 Core Asteroids Report

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About the report

Asteroids are like oriental spices that can enhance the flavour of any dish. It is our experience that standard astrological analysis Brief meaning of 15 core asteroidswith the planets and houses can become repetitive over a period of time, and can sometimes fail to address specific concerns of a rapidly transforming populace.  For instance, it is mind boggling to know the number of people who are recalling their past lifetimes through discovering the significance of Asteroids. Here are some examples of Asteroid placements in the natal chart:

  • It is helpful for Mr John Smith to know that he has Asteroid SPHINX or GIZA conjunct his Ascendant, and hence there is a strong chance that what he saw was an actual recall, rather than him going crazy.

  • It is very helpful for Miss Jill to know that her MUSA conjunct Mercury is going to make her write like a professional.

  • Joe Americano can hit the weight room in his university with confidence, especially when he knows that Asteroid STRONG and FORTUNA are positively aspected to his Mars.

Take the understanding of yourself to the next level with this unique report. If you would like to know about a completely different set of 15 Asteroids, please e-mail us at to enquire about a customized analysis.

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  • Are exclusive, unique readings created just for you. Each one is individually created by hand and delivered by e-mail, not computer generated or available elsewhere.

  • Delve into important and fascinating areas of astrology, many of which are largely uncovered by mainstream astrologers to date, including: asteroids, generational planet influences and Sabian symbol meanings.

  • Help you to gain a greater insight into your inner and outer worlds, discover your strengths and realize your true potential.

  • Give back to two wonderful charities – We offer a generous 5% donation of net profits to Cats Protection and Parkinson’s UK.


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